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Putting a premium on achieving

peak efficiency.

Max Efficiency

With proper execution, the design-build process delivers tremendous value and maximum efficiency.


Our relationships in development, design, and construction give us access to the best in the business, offering you a talented design-build team with the right mix of skills to meet the specific requirements of your project.

What is

Design-Build Construction?

Superior Quality

Design-build construction is where peak efficiency meets top quality.

It’s a progressive approach that eliminates friction by bringing the design and construction teams together under one roof at the beginning of the project. With the design-build approach, clients have a single point of contact throughout the process, rather than multiple contacts between design and contractor teams.

In a traditional method, clients manage separate contracts between design and construction. The design-build method leads to more collaboration throughout the process.

Construction Management Firm in Pennsylvania and New York

What are the advantages of design-build?


When managed properly, design-build construction projects lead to faster and more cost-effective project completions. The benefits of design-build construction services are:

Smoother process, as all teams are informed and begin working together at the same time.

Faster delivery due to increased flexibility and collaboration.

Easier management for clients since there is only one contract.

Less risk of mistakes due to enhanced collaboration and cooperation.

What are the disadvantages of design-build?


A potential disadvantage of design-build construction is a reduced level of owner involvement due to the design and build teams working together — for some clients, this may be a benefit. Another disadvantage is that it can be more difficult to compare cost estimates because these projects entail simultaneous designing and building.

At ARK, we understand that design-build construction may not be right for every project or client, but we’ll work closely with you to provide transparent and honest consulting to help you decide on the best approach. We are here to serve as your trusted partner — no matter where you need us.

Tell us about your design-build project.

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