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It’s true what they say, the best-laid plans lead to the best results.

Getting It Right

Preconstruction is arguably the most important step of any construction project. This is where we work closely with you to lay the foundation for a successful outcome.


We believe the best results are generated by careful planning, calculated forecasting, and open communication. From cost estimations to contingency strategies, ARK’s preconstruction services are designed to set your construction project up for success.

What is included in preconstruction?

Cost Estimating and Budget Development

Building Material Selection and Analysis

Solution-Driven Mitigation Strategies

Initial Schematic Design

Team Responsibilities

Preliminary Schedule and Project Management


Approach to Preconstruction.

Our Approach

During the preconstruction process, the ARK team and your dedicated preconstruction manager focus on addressing critical details and building the foundation of the entire project. Doing so early results in reduced construction time and lower costs.

Preconstruction starts with an initial meeting to understand your needs and goals. From there, we develop an initial design, budget estimates, and select the right materials. We’ll assemble a skilled team of experts to accomplish project goals and craft a schedule that meets your needs. We are here to advise you and help you prepare for a smooth construction project from start to finish. Engaging with ARK early in the project life cycle is the best way to ensure success, minimize delays, and reduce costs.

Construction Management Firm in Pennsylvania and New York

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